The Business Channel for the Guitar Universe

Finally, there’s a dedicated business media company focused solely on the world of guitar. We offer a serious alternative to the overcrowded field of consumer outlets, many of which are terrific and do a good job. It’s just not our job.

Business media is a different animal. Our audience represents a very large group from guitar builders to guitar players and just about anyone in between. We deliver valuable information and services to these people. There’s a lot of them.

Our popular weekly podcast, Guitar Business Radio attracts a diverse range of high-stature interviews from many corners of the guitar world including CEO’s, great instrument builders, well-known players, and others who have played an important and impactful role in the business of guitar.

Our newest spin-off podcast, GBR Focus goes in a different direction while maintaining the style and quality of its older sibling. GBR Focus takes a deep dive into companies, brands, products and services as we look at history, foundations, applications, and the why and how that helps our listeners make better more informed decisions in the market. Each episode is produced in a high-quality sponsored format that allows us to bring you the best programming possible.

Our marketing and PR business, GuitarPR, provides an array of specialized services for any guitar-related organization. At the same time, it offers an affordable, structured approach with its signature 10-step Concierge Primary Release packages that are designed to help smaller companies improve their market messaging with affordable press releases and other marketing solutions.

The Guitar Business Store is the new portal for services and products that support your guitar-related business or profession. Our destination over time is to provide these services and products not just from our own organization, Guitar Business Media, but carefully sourced items from others as well. Initially, we have moved all of our Structured Services from GuitarPR to the store. We’ve done this in conjunction with an overdue resimplification of the the GuitarPR website.

We’ve been developing our market reach in the business of guitar for over 10 years. It’s time for GuitarCareers. Our goal is to provide as much value as possible to those with a business or professional interest in the world of guitar. GuitarCareers is not just about finding jobs or candidates, although we’ll be doing that through a new Opportunities platform. Stand by for more information.

Our two other digital properties in the works, Guitar Business Daily and Guitar Business magazine will offer an innovative approach to covering the business and professional world of guitar. With a launch scheduled for 2020, Guitar Business is the Magazine for the Business of Guitar in a robust digital package with specialized print versions available. While Guitar Business Magazine provides in-depth, lasting content in a more traditional format, Guitar Business Daily offers a constant flow of timely news and information suitable for spontaneous consumption.

For more information about Guitar Business Media, just contact us.